Great security comes from continuously experimenting with different ideas.

What we do.

We are a team of experienced technology execs and leading security researchers combining our expertise in (sales, m&a & funding), (strategy, ux, content & design), and (infosec, physical security & technology) to create new security products and services.

  • We design new products

    August takes products that need a little pinch of extra attention from concepts all the way to launched and successful solutions.

  • We improve existing products

    We also take existing products, connect them with outside developers and expertise as well as our in-house team to improve them.

  • We launch new companies

    We then launch new companies around these products and services, either as investors, as principals, or as part of a joint venture.

  • We train & educate

    Training and innovation is at the core of who we are, so many of our products, projects and companies have training components.

  • We facilitate investment

    August has developed relationships with investors that rely on us to find and introduce innovation in security with financing options.

  • We love to sell

    We help our clients, partners and friends with security sales expertise across many different channels and industries.